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Add Dashicons to your WordPress Plugin Admin Menu Icon

Since WordPress 3.8 nice menu icons on dashboard appear beside different settings menu e.g. Posts, Pages, Media, Appearance etc. These icons do not use images but are build with CSS. If you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer, you … Continue reading

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Insert multiple rows via a PHP array into MYSQL

Sometime you want to pass a large dataset into a mysql table using PHP. Assembling one INSERT statement with multiple rows is much faster in MySQL than one INSERT statement per row. This sounds like you might be running into … Continue reading

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An Introduction to CSS3 Media Queries

Technologies such as CSS3 media queries are becoming increasingly important and all new websites should use them. The main reason is that visitors have certain expectations when viewing your site on everything from a desktop to a laptop to a … Continue reading

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Quick way on how to show hidden files in OSX

Sometimes you find yourself needing to access hidden files on your Mac, like an .htaccess file from your server, a .bash_profile, a .svn directory. On a Mac anything preceded with a ‘.’  is invisible by default. InvisibliX is a free … Continue reading

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Tutorial adding latest jQuery Version to WordPress with wp_enqueue_script()

After having used jQuery and WordPress together on a number of themes, I thought I’d share some tips that I have learned through my experience with WordPress. The traditional way to include jQuery in an HTML page is with the … Continue reading

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