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An Introduction to CSS3 Media Queries

Technologies such as CSS3 media queries are becoming increasingly important and all new websites should use them. The main reason is that visitors have certain expectations when viewing your site on everything from a desktop to a laptop to a … Continue reading

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jQuery Plugins from Parallax to Navigation

jQuery plugins make our life easier, and it’s always great to discover new ones that make it easy to add cool functionality to our projects. So for today, we have some fresh jQuery plugins to share with you. From Parallax … Continue reading

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Top useful Javascript & jQuery snippets

Check this amazing collection of the top most used jQuery snippets that you need to know about! These jQuery snippets will help you in your website development to build powerful and responsive web pages. These jQuery snippets will definitely help … Continue reading

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How to create custom Twitter button with short URL

As you may know twitter allows you to build your own Tweet Button. In this example we will take the tweet button and add an image with 3 states using CSS. Today we have a quick tutorial on how to … Continue reading

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Master your CSS3! Ultimate CSS code snippets

CSS3 is coming and we as webdesigners should be ready for it! CSS is no doubt one of the most important web languages to style a website. (x)html provides the structure and CSS the style. It is where most of … Continue reading

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