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Insert multiple rows via a PHP array into MYSQL

Sometime you want to pass a large dataset into a mysql table using PHP. Assembling one INSERT statement with multiple rows is much faster in MySQL than one INSERT statement per row. This sounds like you might be running into … Continue reading

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Do you want to become a better coder/programmer?

As a programmer we are always looking to improve our code or to optimize our workflow. In the following two small videos you will learn 8 simple rules of becoming a better developer.

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Video Tutorials and free ebook to learn Objective C for iPhone and mac OSX

Apple iPhone is hype at the moment and most companies want to develop apps for this smartphone. The programming language of the iPhone is Objective C and it is a bit different of Java or C++.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) made easy guide!

Search engine optimization better know as SEO is a complex topic. This quick and easy guide allows you to make a good start in SEO an get more traffic to your website or blog.

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Photoshop, Webdesign & WordPress. What you shouldn’t have missed this week!

This is our first weekly column in which we share our favorites posts, articles and resources with our readers all from last week. We will focus only of the BEST of Photoshop, Webdesign, Inspiration, Resources and WordPress Articles!

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