45+ Creative and Beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone 4

The iPhone has changed the way that we use our mobile phones.  Apple iPhones have created a state of euphoria among its users with its amazing features and the iPhone 4 is makes it even more enjoying to browse internet, watch video, listen music, have video call and much more with just a finger touch.

These are wallpapers created by talented artists specifically for iPhone 4. Small reminder: the iPhone 4 (designed by Apple) is the successor of the iPhone 3GS and the fourth generation of iPhone. iOS4 allows changing the wallpapers of your iPhone! So here are the 45+ Beautiful Wallpapers for your iPhone 4 Screen. You may choose as many of these wallpapers as you want.

Now it’s time for something fresh, original and creativie. Let’s take a look at some creative and beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone 4. This is downloadable for free. Check them out!

Pink Background by Max Rudberg

Orange Background by Max Rudberg

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3 Responses to 45+ Creative and Beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone 4

  1. Mars says:

    wow, this is a high res wallpaper. great collection

  2. djavupixel says:

    Thanks you like it! It should also work on older iPhone as iOS will scale them down I think.

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