bxCarousel, bxGallery and bxSlider 3 great jQuery Plugins!

Lately we came across these 3 great jQuery Plugins from Steven Wanderski. Take a look at these plugins that fit to modern website designs. Todays website have at least one of this nice effects to get the users attention.


bxCarousel is an advanced easy to use jQuery carousel plugin. It is simple to configure and looks great.


  • specify number of elements to display
  • specify number of elements to move the slide
  • auto mode
  • previous / next controls

bxCarousel (193 downloads)


bxGallery is jQuery image gallery plugin that contains automatic thumbnail generation. A lot of parameters are available and one that we found specially good is the cropping of the thumbnails.


  • automatic thumbnail generation
  • custom size / cropping methods for thumbnails
  • thumbnail placement option
  • maximum height and width options for main image
  • opacity hover settings

bxGallery (91 downloads)


bxSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin that is light weight and easy to use. More advanced slider plugins exists (jQuery Cycle Plugin).


  • horizontal and vertical slide movement
  • auto mode
  • start / stop controls
  • previous / next controls
  • numeric navigation
  • continuous ticker mode

bxSlider (87 downloads)

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One Response to bxCarousel, bxGallery and bxSlider 3 great jQuery Plugins!

  1. Connie says:

    did you try this gallery in horizontal mode with more than 12 images?
    I get a lot of errors, need a solution to fix this

    maybe you know how to change that?

    Have a look at http://www.portachtzigachtzig.de/slider/ where I document the problem

    Cheers, Connie

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