Best of Fresh, Clean, High Quality and Free Fonts – Summer 2010!

This summer we search for freshest high-quality free fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. As the choice is enormous it takes time to find investing fonts. We picked the best articles of the Web for you. You can use these fonts in your current or futur projects.

20 New High-Quality Fonts for Your Designs

Very clean fonts as we like them. Highly recommended *****

30 New Free High-Quality Fonts

Fonts very well suited to any display or text usage: Web, print (especially magazines), brochures, logos, posters, flyers, motion graphics. Recommended *****

50 Best Free Fonts of All Time

Some very clean font. Many fonts released from past years, some famous due to their superior quality. Recommended ****

Free Sans Serif Fonts Ultimate Collection Part 1

20 most popular sans serif fonts among designers. Recommended ****

40 Awesome Free Fonts for Big Headlines

Good fonts for big Headlines and for some Logos too. A compiled a list of 23 free big fonts that are perfect for big headlines. Recommend ***

20 Bold Free Script Fonts That You Don’t Have to Be a Girl to Use

Collection of free fonts that are scripts but tend towards the masculine side rather than being all swirly girly. Recommend ****

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