How great leaders inspire action

Have you asked yourself what is the secret of great leaders or awesome communicators like Steve Jobs? I do not think that they are incredibly smart, most of them do not have a college degree or a PhD. No it is more about how they communicate. Just watch this video from Simon Sinek and you will start to see the difference and communicate differently!

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4 Responses to How great leaders inspire action

  1. Sam Anderson says:

    This is really fact! i accept that! very inspiring video! thanks 🙂

  2. Nora Reed says:

    Useful learning based video, nice debate. Thanks.

  3. Tilly Webb says:

    Great leader changes the mind of people and guide them to a right way. This is something great addition to revoke our skills of leadership. I am really inspired by video.

  4. this post so nice and interesting one to read.

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